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My name is Pam Jones and I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Imagery Master. Let me welcome you to my shiny new website where you’ll soon find amazing tools to skyrocket your confidence, lose weight, feel your best and step into your dream life

Pam Jones, Hypnotherapist

You are feeling very, very, sleepy…

Just kidding (hypnosis joke!)…

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re looking to feel healthy and happy…but you feel stuck. Perhaps you’re wanting to lose weight? Or quit smoking? Cravings that won’t stop? Lacking energy? Can’t finish what you started…or motivate yourself to get started in the first place?

I’m here to help. As a specialist in training the subconscious mind to shift habits and limiting beliefs, I will give you the healthy motivation and mindset transformation to get you where you want to go…along with proven tools and action plans. The best part? I do online hypnotherapy sessions virtually over Zoom, so we can meet from anywhere in the world. Learn more about me here.

How can online hypnotherapy sessions help you?

Control Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help you control and overcome anxieties, so you can begin to live life to the fullest without fears and stress holding you back. 

Manifest Abundance

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome subconscious blocks, allowing you to attract a more abundant life, manifesting more wealth and financial success.

Lose Weight

Hypnotherapy can help you crave healthy food and to eat mindfully. You’ll learn to improve your body image so that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Skyrocket Your Confidence

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome negative and limiting subconscious thoughts that impair your confidence, so that you can accomplish bigger goals than you ever imagined possible.

Sports Performance

Hypnosis can propel you into the next level of your sport. Eliminate performance anxiety and negative self-talk to acheive peak performance, while also bringing fun into the sport. 

Quit Smoking

Hypnosis can help you neutralize your smoking addiction triggers so you can quit smoking cigarettes, chewing, vaping, or smoking weed.

Sleep Amazing

Hypnosis can help you relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep. You will develop a sleep-time routine that will give you amazing rest each night. Hypnotherapy is the ultimate form of self-care!

Manage Pain

Hypnosis can help you deal with chronic pain in a natural and organic way, using the power of the subconscious mind.


I want to share my heartfelt testimony about the transformative hypnotherapy sessions I received from Pam Jones. Pam is not only a caring and compassionate professional but also incredibly knowledgeable in her field. What sets Pam apart is her unique approach of creating hypnosis sessions tailored in the moment, based on my experiences throughout the week.

Pam’s ability to actively listen and truly understand my needs is remarkable. She pays close attention to every detail, taking notes and remembering all the important aspects from prior weeks. This dedication enables her to provide me with personalized therapy that addresses my specific challenges and helps me find effective solutions.

One aspect of Pam’s support that I greatly appreciate is her commitment to keeping me in a positive and focused mindset outside of our sessions. She sends me exercises, practices, and valuable documents that serve as constant reminders of the important points discussed during our sessions. This not only helps me stay on track but also reinforces the positive changes taking place in my subconscious mind.

Whether it’s breaking a habit or embarking on a new journey in life, Pam is an invaluable guide and source of support. Her caring nature, combined with her extensive knowledge and personalized approach, make her an exceptional hypnotherapist. I’m truly grateful for the six sessions I had with Pam, as they have made a profound impact on my life. I am thinking to continue my growth with her guidance!

C.P. - Las Vegas

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